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Let us be your second set of eyes in the field. Consulting services aren’t replacing your field visits but increasing the frequency of them. With weekly crop scouting across all acres, you will receive very detailed reporting on changes taking place across your farm. Thorough scouting reports are paired with chemical recommendations (herbicide, insecticide, fungicide) as needed to ensure the greatest economical outcome possible. Field conditions are constantly changing throughout the growing season. You will never have to wonder if something is getting overlooked or missed again. Insects, weeds, and disease are all factors affecting your crop health. Finding those pests and addressing them in a timely manner is key to avoiding potential losses.


Chemical and fertilizer planning for the next crop season start as soon as harvest is done. Following soil sampling, we analyze what your field requires based on soil test results and a grower’s yield goals. We build a tailored fertility plan to fit the exact fertilizer needs. Chemical planning also takes place as we figure out what is required to prepare our fields for next season’s battles.